Journal History

1. Jurnal Socius: Journal of Sociology Research and Education is published regularly twice a year, first published in 2014 in the form of a printed edition with P-ISSN 2356-4180. The first edition of volume 1 began in January-June 2014 containing articles or articles that are still internal; where all the writings accommodate the rich results of writing or articles of the lecturers and students of the Department of Education of Sociology-Anthropology FIS UNP. The number of writings at that time was 10 writings with 103 pages.

2. The first scientific journal publication was warmly welcomed and joyful by the leadership and all ranks of the Sociology Anthopology Education Study Program (PSPSA) even though the editorial staff who managed all the writings were still internal or still empowering internal editors and reviewers in the Anthropology Sociology Education Department. Jurnal Socius: Journal of Sociology Research and Education was published in the form of a scientific journal through the printing of Sukabina Press in the name of the publisher of the Sociology Department Labor, PSPSA FIS UNP. Head of the Sociology Labor Department at the time, Erianjoni, S.Sos, M.Sc and Secretary Erda Fitriani, S.Sos, M.Si at the same time responsible as journal leaders, chief editors or Editors in Chiefs and journal executive representatives (Vice Editor in chief). Because of the constraints of writing, the Socius Journal had a vacuum during 2015 and was not published at all. However, the Socius Journal in 2016 was re-published twice; volume 3, No. 1 and 2, still with the print edition and under the leadership of Labor Sociology Department, PSPSA.

3. The new thing in this 2016 edition is the writing of writers outside the Department of Sociology, namely the existence of articles from STKIP PGRI West Sumatra lecturers, but still with the editors of internal editors and reviewers.In 2017, in line with the changing of the Sociology Department Labor Management, the head of the journal management and editorial team also experienced changes. The Chair of Labor Sociology handed over the management of the journal completely to the newly formed management team with the Chief Editor (Editor in chief) and Deputy Chair of the Editor (Vice editor in chief) Selinaswati, S.Sos, MA, Ph.D and Erda Fitriani, S.Sos, M.Si.

4. In the 4th volume of 2017, the Socius Journal experienced a new breakthrough with the rise of online journals, so the Socius Journal not only published print editions but also published an electronic or online version of the journal, with e-ISSN 2442-8663 and using (Open Journal System ) OJS. When the first time it was published with the online version, it also experienced a publishing schedule that was still not on time, related to writing constraints and crew of editors and reviewers. In volume 4 edition 2, outside parties have been sought as editors and reviewers. At the same time, it has also been attempted to filter writings by inviting writers from outside the Department of Anthropology Sociology Education.

5. In 2018, the online edition of the Socius Journal has been published on time, and has invited external editors and reviewers in the process of editing and reviewing writing. In 2018 this Socius Journal was also submitted to DOAJ to be indexed by this institution, but the lack of requirements that could be fulfilled caused DOAJ to reject accreditation and asked the Socius journal management team to fix various deficiencies to be submitted again so that DOAJ could be indexed. Likewise for accreditation at SINTA, the Journal management team plans to immediately submit requirements to be indexed by SINTA and for the next few years have plans to be indexed at EBSCO.